A Nod to the Past

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The Keating building was constructed in 1890 as a tribute to the late George J. Keating. Originating from Kansas, George moved to San Diego in 1886 with his wife, Fannie, during the westward expansion of their farming company, Smith & Keating. George Keating passed away after only 2 years in California; Fannie enlisted the skills of the Reid Brothers to design and oversee the construction of this five-story Romanesque Revival style building. Modern amenities such as spacious floor plans, steam heat, and a wire cage elevator (the first, and still longest running, elevator in San Diego) made the Keating Building one of the most prestigious and sought after office spaces.

Prior tenants include Henry Lord Gay (founder of the American Institute of Architects), T.J. Sloan (famous photographer), Babcock, Paterbaugh, and Luce (attorneys of law), and the San Diego Trust & Savings Bank (original vault remains in the -1 level, available for guests to secure belongings).

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