Let's get physical!

Let's get physical! While everyone has their own methods of dealing with daily stresses, our General Manager finds her release through running. Sandra dedicates her body and time training for several charitable races throughout the year.

Here are some great running tips from Sandra:

How many years have you been running?
SV: I have been running competitively for 4 years.

What inspired you to start running?
SV: My job is a big, but stressful part of my life. Adding to the stress, my husband was overseas and I needed an activity to help manage stress and use as a release. Running became my cure and my ultimate stress reliever. My training partner for years was my dog Smudge.

To date how many marathons have you run?
SV: I am not sure the exact number, but 2012 was a big year for me. I ran 1100 miles including various road and trail marathons. This year, I graduated up to competing in Ultra marathons. My first Ultra was a 50km (31 Mile) race through a volcano and extreme terrain in Isla De Omete, Nicaragua. This past April, I completed my first 50 mile race (Labor of Love), winning my age group.

What do you do the day before a race to prepare?
SV: Everyone has their own process, I keep it simple. I hydrate a little more than usual and make sure to eat at least 3 meals the day before. The night before, I set all my gear out to help keep my nerves down the morning of the race.

Is there a good pre-run meal?
SV: This is my weakness, I do not eat pre-race. Our body can adapt to using stored fuel from our meals. The most I can have the morning of the race is 3 bites of a bagel or white bread. Coffee is a must!!

How do you recover after a race?
SV: I have learned to listen to what my body is craving, not what I read in a magazine or what friends are eating. We are all different. There are a couple of things that I do. First, I refuel with a good meal. Next, I shower with warm water then alternate warm and cold to promote circulation and reduce inflammation. Finally, I hydrate I personality prefer coconut water followed by a one hour recovery nap. Don't forget to celebrate your accomplishment!
The next day, you will probably be sore, but try to go for a walk or jog to get your blood flowing.

Can you tell the readers a secret to help keep them going during the race?
SV: I always have at least two good luck charms on me; faith (run with your heart), and love. Oh, and a good playlist is always a must!!

*Please note that this is what works for my body, it doesn't necessary mean that it will work for you. These are suggestion only.

Visit our Personal Fitness Center for a map of local trails and treks Sandra runs regularly.